The Charleston Green Business Challenge
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The Green Business Challenge is a voluntary opportunity for businesses of all types and sizes to pursue green and sustainability driven strategies, and improve their business performance and enhance their bottom line. The Green Business Challenge was developed by the City of Chicago and is now being piloted by five cities across the nation through the initiative of ICLEI—Local Governments for Sustainability. Key elements of the Challenge are reductions in waste, water and energy use, as well as creating a healthy work environment and community stewardship. In Chicago, this program saved fifty participating businesses over $5 million and created almost a 9% savings in energy usage, in just a year.

The Sustainability Institute has partnered with the City of Charleston, Lowcountry Local First, the Green Fair, the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce and Charleston County to launch the Charleston Green Business Challenge and give local businesses the opportunity to achieve green successes and be recognized for their efforts. The institute is offering its expertise in training and education to help participating businesses stay on track during the twelve months of the Challenge and provide direction on ways to achieve the goals laid out in the program’s Scorecard.


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