Economy Manufacturing and Industry European Data Centers Get LEED-Like Sustainability Rating

European Data Centers Get LEED-Like Sustainability Rating
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LONDON, United Kingdom — Although the leading green building certification standards, such as LEED and BREEAM in the U.K., can all be applied to data center operations, those ratings don't do a lot to help keep costs and greenhouse gas emissions down once the compute facilities are up and running.

And although groups like The Green Grid have developed a number of metrics to help green IT operations for IT managers and CIOs, green data centers remain a piecemeal affair.

A new certification, launched last month by the British Computer Society, aims to bring together the best practices for data center operations, and give owners a LEED-like rating as a badge of green quality.

The Certified Energy Efficiency Datacenter Award (CEEDA), is based on the European Union's Code of Conduct for Data Centers, and offers a Bronze, Silver and Gold rating for data centers.


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