Living Education, Training, and Lifelong Learning Green Education Foundation Announces Sustainability Committee

Green Education Foundation Announces Sustainability Committee
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Green Education Foundation (GEF) has joined forces with sustainability education faculty and experts from across the K12 educational spectrum to launch its sustainability education (SE) Global Advisory Committee. “As part of its commitment to academic excellence and curricular innovation across the K12 sector, the Global Advisory Committee will work to provide critical recommendations and insight into the scope and content of GEF’s teacher professional development curriculum, as well as its broader contributions to the field and attendant best practices,” stated Victoria Waters, president and founder of GEF. “The goal is to provide teachers with the knowledge, skills and curricular resources essential to integrate sustainability into existing disciplines.”

GEF’s Global Advisory Committee will also work to bolster cross-school collaboration between academic experts across disciplinary and geographic borders, committed to making the study and practice of sustainability a more integral and prominent part of student curriculum and teacher education.


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