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Sustainable Vision - Hofstra University
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From taking simple steps to create less waste, such as recycling and charging ten cents less for beverages purchased in reusable cups, to choosing more eco-friendly alternatives such as purchasing Energy Star appliances and using organic fertilizers, the University is encouraging a lifestyle that is conscious of our effects on our planet.

Dr. Robert Brinkmann, Hofstra's first Director of Sustainability Studies, was appointed by the University to develop a program in accordance with a vision for a greener future. Dr. Brinkmann says he is "thrilled to be in an environment made of a group of faculty and student sustainability activists." The Director hopes to build a program that focuses on the challenges related to sustainability. He says he wants to "challenge the culture of America to do simple things that make a difference, like carpooling and talking about where and what we eat." Additionally, the Director hopes to create a program that focuses on green entrepreneurs – students who have incredible ideas for products geared toward sustainability, and who need the guidance necessary to make their visions reality.


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