Living Healthy Home and Property Location Efficiency and Housing Type

Location Efficiency and Housing Type
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This paper also takes into account the impact that energy effi cient building and transportation technology can have in further reducing household energy consumption and costs. Use of energy efficient design and fuel efficient vehicles has a notable impact on reduction of household energy use.

Energy consumption data, collected as broad national averages, were examined for housing location, type, and transportation variables and translated into BTUs (British Thermal Units) of energy in order to illustrate the relative diff erences in energy consumption. Use of national averages, by defi nition, aggregates information for wider relevance and application. It does not, therefore, allow for the fi ne-grain analysis that more location-specifi c, in-depth studies of any of the variables in this white paper would yield. Indeed, one anticipated outcome of this paper is to encourage further, more detailed study that is geographically specifi c. However, given the purpose of this paper and its intended use for a national audience, the patterns that emerged from the national averages are sufficient, and in fact necessarily broad, to illustrate the relationship between housing location, type, and energy consumption.


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