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Living Responsible Buying and Consumption How to Plan a Sustainable Event

How to Plan a Sustainable Event
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How to Plan a Sustainable EventAny event can be successful and sustainable. This downloadable brochure offers ideas to help you get started, taking you step-by-step through the planning process. Even if you only implement a few, you will make a difference!

A sustainable event conserves and restores resources, honors and supports those involved, adds value to the local economy, and educates participants about the benefits of sustainability. All it takes is vision and commitment.

How to Plan a Sustainable Event takes you step-by-step through the planning process, addressing issues such as

  • Choosing a site,
  • Presenters,
  • Publicity and Registration,
  • Event Materials,
  • Food Service,
  • Logistics, and more.

This publication is free and may be printed on legal size (14"x8.5") paper. Adobe® Acrobat® Reader is required to view the brochure; this is a free program and can be downloaded at adobe.com.

Download the PDF file now (53kb).

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